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    Holland Furniture~Upscale Resale

    90 day Consignment Agreement


    Consignor Name: ______________________________________________________________________

    Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

    Phone Number: _________________________   Email: ________________________________________

     Account Number: ____________________________________

    The consignor and Holland Furniture, 753 Lincoln Avenue, Holland, MI 49423 / (616) 546-8642 hollandfurniture@yahoo.com consent and agree to the following terms and conditions.

    1. Your merchandise will be sold on a consignment basis only. A 50% selling fee will be charged to the seller and retained by Holland Furniture on only the merchandise sold and the price for which it was sold.
    2. This agreement is for the length of 90 day consignment period. It is the responsibility of the consignor to monitor the end date and to retrieve their items. End of contract Date:________________________ Upon the expiration of the consignment period any unsold items may be reclaimed within 7 days. Holland Furniture retains the right to sell those items until they are removed by the consignor or their designated representative. Items left in the store past the retrieval period will become property of Holland Furniture. We reserve the right to donate items to a local charity or offer markdowns or sale at our discretion.
    3. Holland Furniture will set the price based upon the condition and age of each item, along with consideration of the fair market value. All pieces will be progressively marked down as they near the end of the contract so as to sell all your items. This will be done at the discretion of Holland Furniture, and in the best interest of the seller.
    4. All items must be from a smoke-free and preferably pet-free environment, and in showroom condition. Please wipe down items, vacuum upholstery pieces, and make repairs if needed. Consignor must receive final approval of items by Holland Furniture Staff upon pick-up or drop-off. If items arrive unready for the showroom, a $12.00/hour cleaning fee or 10% of the item arrival value may be charged to make the piece showroom ready. The consignor will be notified of said charge. We reserve the right to refuse items.
    5. Payments for the sale of your merchandise (after deducting the seller’s fee) will be mailed by the 12th of each month. This will continue until all your consigned furniture has been sold or retrieved. If sale of items amounts to less than $50.00 in any given month, monies will be held until next month and/or when additional items have been sold. If consignor has less than 4 items, monies can be paid out in store or at end of contract when all items are sold.
    6. Consignor guarantees that he/she is the owner of the merchandise described below and that it is not subject to any financing statements or other liens or encumbrances
    7. Consignor agrees to hold Holland Furniture harmless for any damage to their property while on consignment or during pick-up, if this service was requested.
    8. Any merchandise sold on a Layaway basis will not be paid out until buyer has paid full balance.

    I have read the terms above and my signature indicates that I agree to those terms.

                             Consignor Signature: ____________________________________________________________

                                               Date: ________________________________________________________________________                

                                 Holland Furniture Authorized Representative : ____________________________________________